How do I (as a broker) initiate a contract with a seller?

To initiate a brokerage contract with a seller as a broker, follow these steps:

Access the General Authority for Real Estate's e-portal: Log in and navigate to the e-services section.
Role Selection: Select whether you are operating as an individual broker or a company broker.
Contract Initiation: Click on the "Brokerage Contracts" tab. Select "Create New Contract".
Contract Details: Enter all required information such as the deed number, owner’s ID number, owner’s mobile number, and the contract’s start and end dates.
Define Scope and Fees: Specify the scope of the brokerage services. Enter the fee amount, typically 100 SAR.
Terms and Conditions: Agree to the terms and conditions.
Verification and Submission: Enter the verification code sent to your registered mobile number. Submit the contract, which will then be sent to the owner for approval.

By following these streamlined steps, you can efficiently draft and initiate a brokerage contract with a seller.

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