What are packages? and how are they different from simple add-ons?

Packages on Bayut provide users with various advertising options tailored to their needs, with rates and discounts varying based on the package selected. The available packages include Starter, Starter Pro, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Custom Package.

The key differentiator among packages is the level of benefits and discounts they offer, with larger packages providing greater discounts. This incentivizes users to increase their balances at a lower price by opting for higher-tier packages.

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Furthermore, package users gain access to Profolio, a comprehensive listing management platform. Profolio enables users to efficiently manage their listings, access detailed reports, view credit summaries, and more, enhancing their property management experience.

On the other hand, simple add-ons offer users the flexibility to upgrade or upsell their current ads using a few credits, without the need to purchase an entire package. These add-ons provide users with additional features to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of their ads.

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