What are credits on Bayut and how to manage them?

Credits on Bayut serve as a flexible currency system that allows customers to post property ads and access various services. Here’s how they work and how you can manage them:

  • Using Credits: Credits can be used for various purposes on Bayut. For instance, with a balance of 250 credits, you have the flexibility to post different types of listings such as basic, gold, or signature. Additionally, these credits can be used to purchase enhanced services like professional photography and videography to complement your listings.

  • Managing Credits: To keep track of your credit usage, you must first purchase a package, which grants access to Profolio, Bayut’s comprehensive property management platform. Within Profolio, the dashboard presents a quick overview of your listings and a summary of your credits, including recent usage. For a detailed account, click on “View Consumption Log”. This section provides an in-depth report of your credit expenditures, detailing the types of listings you’ve posted, associated services purchased, and their respective publication dates.

profolio for helpcentre credits usage.png

Profolio thus enables efficient management and tracking of your credits, ensuring you maximize the value of your purchases on Bayut.


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