Profolio is Bayut's all-in-one property listings management platform, accessible exclusively to users who purchase a package. This robust platform enhances your property management experience with a host of benefits:

  • Detailed Listing Reports: Access comprehensive reports of your property listings for the past three months, enabling you to track performance and make informed decisions.
  • Credit Consumption History: Monitor your credit usage with detailed histories, helping you manage financial expenditures more effectively.
  • Agency Staff Management: Streamline the management of your agency’s personnel directly through the platform.
  • Performance Tracking: Evaluate the success of your listings with tools designed for detailed performance analysis.
  • Credit Purchases: Effortlessly buy additional credits to enhance your listings or access other services.


With Profolio, you can fully unlock the potential of your property management operations, ensuring efficiency and strategic insight into every aspect of your business.

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