How can I add a new user/agent to Profolio™?

Only the owner and the admin possess the authority to request the addition of a new user/agent to their company's Profile account. They also have the privilege of accessing and editing employee accounts as well as monitoring their activity and performance.


In order to add a new user/agent, contact your account manager directly and the request will be processed in the shortest possible time. Make sure to provide all information about the new user and verify its accuracy.


For further assistance, please contact our support team at


  • The number of users allowed varies depending on the package used.
  • The subscription contract for services clearly outlines the permissible number of users/agents
  • Reach out to your designated account manager from our team to request an expansion in the allocation of accounts for company employees. Your account manager will provide guidance on the process to acquire a greater number of user accounts. This may involve the following steps:
  • Pay additional fees.
  •  Upgrade your package.









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