How does verify listings and agents?

Bayut prioritizes genuine listings by actively verifying advertisements and flagging unrealistic or suspicious content.


- At, we understand the importance of peace of mind during your real estate journey. That's why we've integrated our website with the General Real Estate Authority (REA) of Saudi Arabia. This unique collaboration allows us to offer several advantages:


  • Verified Listings: Before any advertisement goes live, we work with Rega to verify the seller's identity, broker's license, and property deed. This stringent verification process ensures the legitimacy of every listing on our platform.


  • Authentic Properties: Only properties registered and licensed with Rega are eligible for listing on This guarantees the authenticity and legal compliance of each property showcased


  • Transparency: We prioritize clear and accurate information in all our listings, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.


- has an integrated team to verify and audit the authenticity of incoming listings, and if there are any suspicions, our team rejects the listing until its authenticity is verified.

- Our team directly engages with clients and conducts regular visits, ensuring the physical presence of sellers and their properties.

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