What to do in case of unauthorized access to my account?

If you have reason to believe that someone has obtained unauthorized access to your account, there are various measures you can implement to safeguard both your account and the associated data.


1) Change your account password immediately. ensuring that the new password is lengthy, intricate, and not easily predictable.

2) Notify your service provider about any unauthorized access to your account. This action will enable them to investigate the incident and implement measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.


Here are some additional tips to protect your account from unauthorized access:


Never share your password with anyone.

Be careful when clicking on links or opening attachments in unknown emails or text messages. These links or attachments may be malicious and intended to steal your personal information.

Install the latest software updates on your device. Updates often contain security patches that can help protect your device from attacks.

By taking these steps, you can protect your account and data from unauthorized access.


Indicators that unauthorized access to your account may have occurred include:


In case some of your listings have been deactivated or entirely removed.

If you see ads in your account that you don't recognize and haven't created yourself

If you see unexpected changes to any ads in your account that were not personally edited by you.

Any change to your personal information registered in your account, such as phone number, address, or name.

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